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About 1955

1955 Italian Eyewear Factory was born in Basilicata (Italy), where the pace of life and nature moves slowly. This is the philosophy of 1955, which in its eyewear production has decided to indulge in the luxury of time, creating unique products that will last.

Creativity and passion conceive works of art, but it takes experience, knowledge and patience to turn ideas and designs into reality. It takes skilled hands to cut, sand and polish materials, but most importantly...it takes time!

1955 Italian Eyewear Factory creates designs intended to last and be collector's pieces. 1955's goal is to innovate while maintaining classic elegance.
Experimenting, taking risks, jumping into new challenges, this is the spirit of 1955, a classic soul, which values time, and dedicates time to creating value.

1955 Italian Eyewear Factory aims to create a circular economy.

Limited quantity production to avoid inventory and unnecessary waste.
The constant search for functionality and elegance, to make products not only beautiful, but also durable and eternal.

All items from 1955 Italian Eyewear Factory are made in Basilicata (Southern Italy). Producing everything in their factory ensures consistent quality. They are constantly striving to respect the environment, with eco-friendly packaging that complies with the best environmental management systems.
All the electricity used in production comes from their solar panels, and they use only recycled water and environmentally friendly materials, such as cellulose acetate, made from wood fiber, and cotton fibers, which ensure a high-strength and elastic material whose substance and color do not deteriorate over time, is non-flammable and non-toxic.
Currently, 1955 Italian Eyewear Factory is striving to study and develop new processes to use acetate waste to produce new eyewear, so as to reduce unused materials and produce less waste.


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