by Tiziana Randazzo

About Tiziana

A long time ago there was a little curly-haired girl who daydreamed while looking at sparkling store windows.

One day she decided to leave her hometown and go, first to Paris, and then to Milan. It all began more than 20 years ago.

In the capitals of Europe she wandered around astonished looking at the shop windows of the most famous fashion designers.

She loved handbags the most, where she could store her dreams and secrets.

Today that girl has grown up, she is continuing to dream but now she designs her own line of bags CURLY BAGS. With taste and simplicity but also elegance and actuality.

The CURLY BAGS woman loves to be independent and confident. She likes to be different because she is unique in her style and elegance.

"If you have a passion develop the idea and something will happen. You can create anything believing you can do it. Never stop dreaming." - Tiziana Randazzo, owner and designer CURLY BAGS

Quality bags entirely designed and handmade in Florence.

The CURLY BAGS collection is entirely conceived, designed and handmade in Florence, Italy. Florence has a long history and tradition in the art of leather production and is world famous for its excellent craftsmanship.

All materials, leathers and components are selected with extreme care. Colors and patterns are designed to create unique and unmistakable designs.

Quality is guaranteed by many years of experience in the fashion industry and in-depth knowledge of all materials.